Butler Waterproof Overboot

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Slipping into a pair of Butler’s with shoes on really is child’s play. All your children have to do is pull out the liner, step into their Butler’s wearing any pair of shoes, secure the strap and you’re ready to go! ANY. PAIR. OF. SHOES.

From fly sneakers to boat shoes to slip-ons to sandals to dressed shoes to delicate ballerinas, let them wear their favorite footwear, whatever the weather. The Butler Waterproof Overboot will keep ANY footwear dry & protected from inclement weather.

Flexible, lightweight, extremely durable and eco-friendly, wherever you’re going, slip them on and embark on grand adventures!

  • 100% waterproof Butler boots are perfect for puddle jumping and keeping little feet dry, warm and cozy, whatever the weather. Splash around or stay outside building snowmen for hours. From rain and sun to snow and cold, you’re covered!
  • Butlers are adaptive and can be worn by all children, all year round, whatever the weather.
  • Big Fan Easy Entry System Thanks to its flexible design, any type of shoe can fit comfortably inside the Butler, from high-top sneakers to ballet slippers.
  • Easy on, Easy off Butlers’ easy-on puller is practical, tear-resistant and easy to use, helping little ones develop a sense of independence. Because they’re built to stand up on their own, sliding off a pair of Butler boots is just as simple.
  • Made in USA Manufacturing Butler boots in the United States ensures the highest quality product and helps support the local economy.
  • Injection molded TPU Heel Counter support
  • Slip resistant sole Butler’s reliable dotted outsole keeps little ones from slipping and sliding as they explore the great outdoors.
  • Ultra lightweight Butler boots are lightweight, so you can easily carry them with you wherever you go.

    14 Oz. (397g)